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A discipleship and leadership pathway that works

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By Anthony Delaney

Christian leadership goes way beyond filling gaps in the church org chart!

The lessons presented here are learned the hard way, because when we put someone in a place they are not yet ready for, we set them up to fail and the church cannot flourish. But when we believe in them, when we see in them what the Lord sees, we’ll see them believe it too – and that changes everything.

What is the Jesus way to recruit and release those he has redeemed, who often feel unqualified and inadequate, to go into all the world and show and tell his Lordship?

Anthony outlines the plan and process by which those in the Ivy Church networks Discover, Develop and Deploy leaders, moving people from being lost and alone in this broken world to join the Jesus mission by making disciples who make disciples.

Anthony Delaney - A discipleship and leadership pathway that works

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