Growing through phases – Øivind Augland

We want to raise leaders, boost revival, build society and serve nations to plant churches. The key to do this is the local church and planting of new local churches. This course is about how you can grow your church trough different phases and also ask yourself, what are the bottlenecks that can hinder your church to grow?

A church fellowship is both an organisation and an organism. When we speak of development within an organisation, we are touching on the theme of organisational leadership. How can we develop our capacity to understand the kind of structure and organisation needed to reach the goals we want to achieve? We must understand the organisational dynamics of growth that occur during periods of growth in an organisation: What do we need to do in each growth phase? And which growth phase is our church in right now? What growth phase is the ministry I lead in the church, and what is important to do now? How does the structure we have serve the goals we’ve set for the church – is the structure functional? Below you can see how both church and organisation grow through different phases.

Listen to the teaching and read through the article that you can download below. You can also download a copy of the presentation. Below you can see the structure of the course and the approximate time each module takes.

There is a video progression in the course. You need to watch the video in the first module before you can continue to the next. 

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For His Kingdom,
Øivind Augland