Module 5: The coordinative phase (8 min)

If you have managed to lead the organisation through an expanding multiplying phase, and if you as the leader have managed to build trust among the other leaders in the church or organisation, then you have lead the organisation to the coordinative phase. You now have parts of the organisation in all the first three phases. Listen to what the possibilities and challenges can be in this last phase of organisational growth.

You have now listened to the last teaching. If you haven’t read through the article already, I recommend you doing that now (you can find the article here if you haven’t downloaded it already). Also, please reflect on the four questions on the last page, and write down your answers.

Who in your environment could benefit from this newly gained knowledge? I challenge you to make a plan for how you can start a reflection on this in your own leadership group.

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For His Kingdom,
Øivind Augland