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How can the mission of Jesus become a lifestyle?

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What attracts people? Why was Jesus so attractive and magnetic for the people around him and what can we learn from that?


Was macht Anziehung aus? Warum war Jesus so anziehend für die Menschen um ihn herum? Und was lernen wir davon?

Fadi Krikor

Fadi Krikor was born in Aleppo, Syria in 1970 to an Armenian father and a Syrian mother. At the age of 18, he came to Germany to study architecture. He and his wife Nicole have two wonderful children and life near Munich, Germany. Fadi is the founder of FHN ministry (Father’s House for all Nations), based in a former monastery in Bavaria with a branch in Damascus/Syria. FHN's vision is to see the healing and restoration of the nations, especially in Europe and the Middle East. FHN is supporting Churches and movements to walk side by side, connected in love and oneness, beside that FHN established several humanitarian projects in the Middle East. Fadi Krikor is also leading several national and international leadership networks, so he is head of the network in Germany “Leaders in Responsibility”, which includes about 200 leaders of different Christian communities and denominations, and he is in the leadership of “Christian Convent Germany” with 200 main leaders from churches, Christian movements and all denominations represented in Germany.

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