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Are you a leader in a local church? Do you want to gather Ukrainian refugees from your city and area? Do you want to offer them input in their own language, which helps them to process their experiences and take a step in faith?

This course from UBTS (Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary), supported by Josiah Venture, M4 Europe, New Thing and Exponential Europe, is offering you relevant content for Ukrainian refugees. The four main topics are:

  1. Spiritual, emotional, and psychological health
  2. Identity: How does God see me now? Where is God in the events of today?
  3. New vision: Change of mentality from the victim to the ambassador
  4. Choose between a pre-recorded input about ‘Being a volunteer as a marathon concept during the war’ or having an own input about ‘How can you get integrated in the church?’

To start the course, please click on Session 1 below.